Saturday, December 24, 2011

Adding Exercise Time in Busy Schedules for Work-at-Home-Moms/Dads (WHAMS/WHADS)

Your lifestyle and schedule, like most solopreneurs, are already packed with working long hours and tending to the kids and all their activities. You might be wondering how on earth you are going to find time to exercise. You know you need to for a healthier life but exercising usually is shoved to the bottom of your priority list.

Exercise and fitness are important because they help you maintain or lose weight. An added benefit of regular exercise is that it helps to keep your stress level down and provides a sense of well-being. People who exercise tend to be healthier, happier and live longer than those who do not. Who doesn’t want that?

Take a close look at your current lifestyle and work habits. Consider the following tips to squeezing some exercise into your day. Not only will you feel better, but you will be a good role model for your kids to start exercising too.

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