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Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet

We’ve all heard of Bob Greene, Oprah Winfrey’s diet guru. He has his own diet plan called The Best Life Diet. The secrets that he shared with her to improve her health, he also wants to share with you.

This diet plan talks more about a lifestyle change than a temporary weight loss fix. Unlike other diets, this one is not a fad. It talks about long-term weight loss through changing the way that you view food and also increasing your physical activity.

Let’s face it, most of us want quick fixes when we look in the mirror and see those extra pounds. But, the truth is that there is no quick way to lose weight and keep it off. Sure, you may lose ten pounds but as soon as you return to your old habits, those ten and a few more will creep back onto your frame.

3 Powerful Techniques to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Many factors determine the success or failure of your weight loss goals. In this article, I will tell you about three simple things you can do in order to lose weight successfully.

1. Set small goals: Most people are unable to achieve their weight loss goals because they always think big. There is nothing wrong with thinking big, but don’t make your goals so big that they become overwhelming and intimidating to you!

Don’t stretch your weight loss goals so far that you feel tempted to quit your weight loss program altogether! Start slow and you will see how easy it is to shed those stubborn pounds!

You know that you need to make a few significant lifestyle changes in order to lose weight successfully. Now, keep in mind that you cannot make these changes overnight. For example, if today I ask you to avoid eating junk foods altogether, will you be able to follow my advice? You will probably try hard to avoid junk foods for a day or two, and by doing that, you will be even more tempted to cheat. As a result, you’ll end up gaining more pounds than what you started with. What a waste!

Here is an easier way to do it: instead of trying to cut down on your junk food intake entirely, try to replace one junk food with one good food. Do you eat butter? Well, replace that with peanut butter. Next day, replace burgers with raw carrots! If you eat white bread, replace that with wholegrain bread.

You won’t be able to accomplish all of these changes instantly, but you will be able to achieve your goals if you do it slowly, bit by bit. Eventually you will realize that you have completely replaced your bad foods with healthy eating, but without going through any stress or temptation!

2. Replace bad habits with good ones: Remember that you gained weight because of certain bad habits. Ideally you should break those old habits in order to lose weight, but I know that breaking an old habit is easier said than done. What you can do instead is modify your bad habit enough so that it becomes a good and healthy habit.

If you are like most people, you have a habit of snacking in the afternoon. Instead of trying to break your afternoon snacking habit, try to replace the snack itself. If you eat candy bars and cookies as snacks, replace them with low-fat yogurt and raw fruits!

3. Get rid of temptations: Unless you learn to control your temptations, you won’t be able to lose weight successfully. One overwhelming temptation most people suffer from is that of food. Whenever you are tempted to eat, do something that would distract you from the thought of food. You can do anything such as dancing, driving, walking around your home, doing some sit-ups, or drinking a glass of water.

All of these things will help keep you away from the tempting food cravings.

Curves Diet Plan – Reprogramming the Body’s Metabolism

You’ve probably heard of Curves – the world’s largest chain of fitness and weight loss centers. Its founder Gary Heavin and Carol Colman have a written a New York Times bestselling book called “Curves: Permanent Results Without Permanent Dieting.”

Curves is an exercise gym that caters to women and this book about the Curves Diet Plan complements all that hard work done in the gym.

The Curve Diet Plan takes a revolutionary approach to permanent weight loss and the results have been replicated in two studies performed by Baylor University’s Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab to validate its effectiveness.

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Dr. Ian K. Smith’s Fat Smash Diet

Dr. Ian K. Smith, the creator of the 50 Million Pound Challenge is also the medical mind behind the Fat Smash Diet. If you are looking for a way to get your body losing weight and feeling good, this might be the plan for you. His Fat Smash Diet is an eating plan that is designed to change the way you think about food.

Unlike many diet plans today, the Fat Smash Diet is inexpensive. You shop just like normal at your regular grocery store without having to buy strange foods with names that you can’t pronounce. You don’t need to add any obscure spices to fix them at home. Once you understand the rationale behind how the diet works, you can follow what it says and see measurable weight loss.

How to Reduce Belly Fat

You see many people with great upper bodies but a potbelly that looks ugly. We all want to reduce that belly fat or at least tone up the loose flab. That little black dress or that tiny bikini suddenly fits better and makes you feel more confident. Can you lose that belly fat quickly and easily? Yes, you can!

There are several health risks of not reducing your belly fat. You will see improvements in your overall health and self-confidence by reducing your tummy. Waist size has a direct correlation to your heart health – waists larger than 35 and 40 inches for women and men respectively, have an additional increase risk of heart disease.

Before I tell you about some simple changes you can make to get rid of that belly fat, watch this video from Dr. Mehmet Oz where he talks about the dangers of belly fat.

You can tone up loose belly fat in a short amount of time many ways.

Pay close attention to all of the ingredients in your food. You need to incorporate as many fruits and veggies into your diet as possible. Try to use as many as possible low-sugar fruit such as strawberries, papaya, and oranges.

Veggies that are enriched with water are the best in order to loose belly fat. Veggies such as iceberg lettuce, celery, or tomatoes are great examples. While veggies are highly encouraged, try to stay away from carrots and corn because they are high sugar vegetables.

Substituting water for whatever you usually have to drink is a great way to flush your system. Sodas of any kind have carbonation and carbonation has been found to give an appearance of a bloated mid-section. This tells you that even diet sodas, with their lack of calories, are not great for toning up your tummy.

Our diets – no matter where we are in the world – could always use some work. The increase in fast food in our diets has had an adverse effect on our bodies in many ways.

Once you’ve burned your belly fat, then you can start to tone your muscle underneath. Muscle toning exercises are things like crunches, squats, and push-ups. Dry swimming is also an exercise that will tone your tummy.

The most obvious way to slim your waistline is to work out! If you’re lucky enough to have a personal trainer, let him or her know that you want to do some core exercises in order to get a flatter stomach.

Always remember, doing a million crunches won’t get your belly fat toned – you can’t tone fat. You must first do fat burning workouts such as running or jogging, using the stair climber, the elliptical, or cycling.

Dry swimming is when you lay down on your belly, put your arms out in front of you and lift your legs up as well. Be sure to keep your hips pressed against the ground and hold your arms and legs up for 10 seconds. Dry swimming works your arms, legs, and abs. Swimming in water is a great workout too for arms, legs, abs, and lungs.

Toning up loose belly fat is easy as long as you’re consistent. Diet and exercise are both key elements in slimming down any part of your body. Whatever you do though, be healthy – don’t ever starve yourself because it will do more harm than good to your beautiful body!

Adding Exercise Time in Busy Schedules for Work-at-Home-Moms/Dads (WHAMS/WHADS)

Your lifestyle and schedule, like most solopreneurs, are already packed with working long hours and tending to the kids and all their activities. You might be wondering how on earth you are going to find time to exercise. You know you need to for a healthier life but exercising usually is shoved to the bottom of your priority list.

Exercise and fitness are important because they help you maintain or lose weight. An added benefit of regular exercise is that it helps to keep your stress level down and provides a sense of well-being. People who exercise tend to be healthier, happier and live longer than those who do not. Who doesn’t want that?

Take a close look at your current lifestyle and work habits. Consider the following tips to squeezing some exercise into your day. Not only will you feel better, but you will be a good role model for your kids to start exercising too.

4 Small Steps to Help You Stay on a Diet and Lose Weight

Getting on the latest diet is easy, the hard part is staying on it to lose the weight you want. The very word “diet” makes some people feel hungrier and crave for things that are a no-no their diet. What can you do to help yourself? Here are four small steps you can take to stay on a diet and help you lose weight:

1. Alter your mindset: One of the biggest problem for dieters is the way they view a diet, their mindset. It seems like a big sacrifice or losing your freedom like a prison sentence. May be you feel that you are depriving yourself. It helps to reframe your idea of what you’re really trying to do. It is not just to lose the weight but to gain a healthier lifestyle.

Change how you view your diet so you can stick to it. If you’re too restrictive and never allow yourself to have the things you enjoy, you won’t be able to stay with it. Cut yourself some slack once in a while (see the next tip).

2. Give yourself a break: Don’t kid yourself, there will be times that you don’t live up to your own dietary expectations. Instead of using that as an excuse to blow off your diet completely, just give yourself a break.

No one eats a healthy meal every day of their lives. You’ll need to allow yourself a few treats here and there. If you eat too big of a meal, get over it and cut back on the next meal. Make healthier choices the next time.

3. Set smaller goals. Setting smaller goals will help you to monitor your progress and keep youself motivated. Most people set weight-related goals that are not realistic. And when the scale doesn’t show them immediate results, they quit. Instead, set goals that closely match your diet plan.

For example, set a goal to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water every day, take a multivitamin, or eat fruits and vegetables for at least one meal. Then when you reach those goals, you can reward yourself with a small treat for a job well done.

4. Find a diet pal: Working with a partner can help you to share your shortcomings as well as your successes. You can bounce ideas off your diet pal and hold each other accountable for sticking with your respective diet plans. You can swap recipes, trade meal ideas, and help each other enjoy the process of dieting instead of dreading it.

Motivation May Be the Key Ingredient in Helping You Lose Weight

A lack of motivation may be stopping you from losing the weight you want. While you may know a lot about what exercises to do and what food to eat, but you also need a healthy dose of motivation to go after it for as long as it takes to reach your weight loss goal.

Unless you are motivated to get up and cook that healthy meal or go out for that run, you’re going to find yourself sitting in front of the television doing nothing and becoming depressed. Take some time before you start and figure out what motivates you to lose weight. It doesn’t necessarily come naturally, so take a look at some interesting ways to get yourself moving towards your goals.

The first thing you can do when you are looking for motivation to lose weight is to start keeping a journal. Sometimes, nothing is more motivating than seeing how far you have come. This is something that can be a pain in the beginning, but it can help you go the distance with your weight loss plan.

Take pictures of yourself and start keeping a daily record of your weight. Measure yourself and write down every little 1/4 inch that disappears each week. This is something that can clearly show you the progress you have made. The more documentation you have, the more you will be able to really see how far you have come. This can be very motivating!

You may also want to see if one of your friends wants to lose weight with you. If you have a friend who can share in your diet talk or exercise talk, it is much easier to get excited about it. Ideally, your friend should have roughly the same goals as you. You can celebrate milestones with each other, share tips and hints, and even compare progress. Your exercise partner will hold you accountable and make sure you show up at the gym when you say you’re going to and that you are sticking to your weight loss regimen. It is a small thing, but it can really make a difference on days where you don’t want to workout or go for a walk. Someone else is counting on you.

Also keep in mind that when you are gearing yourself up to lose weight, even the most interesting type of exercise can get a little boring over time. While it is fine to have an exercise routine, give yourself permission to change it up a little and cross-train. Take a fun class in a type of physical activity you have never tried before. The interest in learning something new and having a class structure to go to can keep you motivated as well. Have you always wanted to learn to belly dance or try a martial art? Maybe you are interested in rock climbing or you love the idea of learning synchronized swim. Take some time and follow your interests. It doesn’t all have to be treadmills and free weights.

These are just three places to start when you are looking for motivation. Be creative! If there is something that works for you, go with it and remember that if it works, it works. Keep reassessing what motivates you as it may change with each pound you shed.